• Bitcoin communities are growing in the south of Portugal, with initiatives such as meetups, study groups and workshops.
• A Telegram group has been set up to connect merchants with customers who want to buy organic goods for bitcoin.
• The Lightning Network payment layer is ideal for small transactions, so a workshop was held to teach merchants how to accept Lightning payments.

Bitcoin Communities Growing in South Portugal

Bitcoin communities are on the rise in the south of Portugal. A number of initiatives are actively seeking to strengthen and increase them, including meetups, study groups, workshops and, recently, a Telegram group connecting merchants who want to sell their organic goods for bitcoin with a client group that wants to buy them. If you read Captain Sidd’s recent article „Homesteader Conversations: Feeding Your Family And Building A Bitcoin Community In Southern Portugal,“ then you’ll already be familiar with the Monchique market, where the interviewed homesteader sells her wares. On my visit there, some while ago, it struck me that bitcoin would be the perfect currency for the peer-to-peer trade that happens there. I resolved then and there to do my level best to orange pill the merchants and to use that experience as a test case for rolling out Bitcoin education more broadly in the area.

Covid-19 Restrictions

The market sprung up during COVID-19 lock downs when the rules in law-abiding Portugal were particularly strict: masks in public places, no gatherings of people, so on and so forth. The freedom-loving expat community of the area was horrified — and non-compliant. For the people who hosted the market, the merchants and the visitors, attending felt like asserting a basic right: the right to trade. Some colorful exchanges between the market organizers and local police ensued but ultimately – against all odds -the market won out!

Commodities Available

Cash is king in such settings; having plenty of change on hand was essential for both buyers and sellers alike traded at this open air market which featured edible items such as honey mushrooms tinctures meat eggs clothing handmade jewelry biochar stoves candles bronze household items among other things with most transactions amounting under 20 euros per item or service purchased or sold by any one person or merchant during their visit

Lightning Network Payment Layer

The Lightning Network payment layer lends itself perfectly to transactions of this size; I was excited at having an opportunity drop a message via Telegram into a merchant’s group inviting them attend free educational workshop how make accept lightning payments their goods services sold within Monchique Market by local small businesses utilizing Bitcoin blockchain technology

Educating Merchants About Bitcoin Payments

This invitation was warmly received by those same vendors — though many had never heard about Bitcoin before — making it possible for them receive learn about new way conducting business receive payments from customers using digital assets like BTC An important part process teaching value security safety digital currencies transaction types prevent fraud scams malicious actors taking advantage individuals lack knowledge surrounding these topics Education key unlocking door cryptocurrency revolution success lies hands those willing take risk educate themselves others turn provide improved quality life opportunities previously unimaginable possibilities open world

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